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Let’s change the way our loved ones pass the day, with a comforting, warm, and stimulating 'FRIEND' - Our Cushion. Well, lets face it, we can all remember having a special teddy to cuddle up to and feel secure, and that's the same later in life too.

Our therapeutic cushions are made with washable Flame Retardant jumbo cord, and on the rear of the cushion is a cosy hand muff to keep them cold hands really warm!

Each cushion has 7 tactile areas to play with including a pocket with a teddy, crinkly bag, and 3 ribbons to plat. Pompoms on one side and fringe on the other. All sewn extremely well ensuring that nothing will come undone.

The cushions are 15" square to fit comfortably on your lap.

* Note: Design and colours may slightly vary from the photo as this is a special, handmade product.

Our new innovative Multi-sensory Sensory Cushions are aimed to stimulate and comfort,   providing a welcome distraction and keeping minds active and hands busy. Touch and play whilst sitting and relaxing Various multi-textures to explore Bright colours to provide visual stimulation Warm hand muff relives cold and painful hands Distracting from irritating physical conditions like scratching Increases the feeling of security Reduces the possibility of distressing behaviour

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