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The most effective approach to alerting to night time wanderers is the floor pressure mat. When placed in a door or hallway the mat detects foot pressure. The mat can also be used for falls prevention when placed next to a bed.


The WanderMat™ really is an inexpensive invaluable piece of equipment for your Residential Care or family home. The WanderMat™ is placed by a bed or in a doorway to give an early warning of movement, allowing assistance to be given and helping to prevent falls day or night.

The WanderMat™ enables a fast response to the right location, reassuring the resident or loved one that somebody will be with them when they get up. In some circumstances the WanderMat™ may allow loved ones to move back into or stay in the family home.

Simply place the WanderMat™ in position, cover with a suitable mat or rug, our Wacmat® is an ideal choice, then plug into your Nursecall system, or use our wireless module to operate a remote alarm or pager. Then relax!