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‘Helping change peoples lives’

Wade Ceramics is proud to announce Dignity which has been designed specifically for use by people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

It also offers help to the physically disabled. It offers a range of items which will help with nutrition and hydration by encouraging eating and drinking because of the ease of use and the colours in the range.

It is also designed to help individuals to maintain their independence longer by being able to feed themselves thus giving people their dignity and not having to use plastic items.

The product is made from Vitrified Earthenware with added Alumina for extra strength, and comes in three colours, White, Yellow and Green, all items are available in all colours.

It can be used in dishwashers, microwaves and freezers and is lead free.

We have an extensive product range that has been designed specifically for use by people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The range has been developed by Wade’s own design studio based on

research including the work carried out by the world renowned Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre.

June Andrews, Director at Stirling says:

“Eating and drinking is very important in dementia. For all of us, the whole experience is crucial, not just the right food at the right temperature at the right time, but we are affected by the ambience of the room and the company we are with. Not least the table settings are crucial. Having attractive crockery and cutlery can make a big difference to our appetite and how we enjoy our food. People with dementia sometimes have special requirements.

They need coloured plates that allow them to see what they are eating and the plates need to be easy to use with rims to help scooping and lifting of food.

Cups need to have big enough handles for two fingers to slip through. If it is not a picnic, there should be no plastic. At the Dementia Services Development Centre we are always interested in new ideas and the display of crockery shows a range of the best we have seen so far”.

Product Range

Soup Cereal Bowl 80199 Saucer 80200 2 Handled Mug New Handle 80203 Cereal Bowl  80209 Salt and Pepper 80214 Split Bud Vase 80211 18cm Side Plate 80212 Vinegar 80215 Food Finger Bowl 80217 2 Cup Teapot 80210 1 Handled Mug 80207

Prices coming shortly…

Dignity Crockery Dignity Crockery