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Texture Care Classic

Classic 77220

Classic 77480

Classic 77570

Classic 77530

Classic 77520

Classic 77160

Classic 77920

Classic 77650

Classic 77380

Classic 77350

Classic 77510

Classic 77390

Texture Care Plain

Plain 78720

Plain 78520

Plain 78570

Plain 78160

Plain 78480

Plain 78380

Plain 78350

Plain 78390

Plain 78780

Plain 78320

Plain 78220

Plain 78740

Texture Care Linear

Linear 79220

Linear 79380

Linear 79350

Linear 79510

Linear 79390

Linear 79480

Linear 79570

Linear 79530

Linear 79520

Linear 79160

Linear 79920

Linear 79650

Texture Care Range

Impervious carpet for the healthcare sector

The Texture Care Range is the latest in a wide range of successful polypropylene carpets with great anti-soiling properties. Acknowledged technology combined with the experience gained in over 20 years of product sales stands testimony of high quality.

The Texture Care Range offers great style, comfort, and assurance of high quality.

Stain resistant - for easy cleaning

The Texture Care Range is manufactured in the highest quality fibre, giving outstanding performance benefits. Due to the unique properties of the polypropylene fibre, stains are unable to penetrate the fibre which ensures that when accidents do happen, they can be cleaned up with the minimum of fuss.

M.R.S.A Protection

Locked in colour - outstanding resistance to fading

The unique application of ‘Aegis’ chemical treatments gives these products outstanding properties in the fight to assist in the control of M.R.S.A. In these tests 99.9% of the total population of bacteria are destroyed within 24 hours of contact with the carpet. On untreated samples, 0% was destroyed.

(Full details of tests and certifications are available from ege, so, please ask us to send you the information.)  

As the colour in the Texture Care Range is added during yarn manufacturing, you are assured the very best performance in terms of colour fastness and resistance to fading. The independent test results confirm this fact with a rating of better than 6 on a maximum of 8. Colour fastness to shampoo provides more evidence of the product performance with maximum results of 5. (BS10006UK - TB1990)

One piece installation - no joints

ege carpets comes in 4 m wide which means no joints in the centre of rooms under 4 m wide. This removes the risk of spills penetrating the joint which is often the case with an 2 m wide carpet. An imperfect join will allow urine, blood, vomit etc to penetrate to the sub-floor thus creating a disagreeable smell.

Colour not affected by bleach based cleaning products

The fibres used in production of the Texture Care Range are the highest quality. The fibres are resistant to bleach based cleaning products which ensures easy cleaning and colour retention - An ideal property for today’s carpet user.

Quality controlled production

All ege products are manufactured according to strict demands imposed by the ISO 9001 quality system, ensuring perfect quality every time.

Unique easy removal (easy release system)

ege’s latest backing development ensures that the carpet can be easily removed without leaving the sub-floor covered in debris. The carpet can be removed and re-laid if required. In certain circumstances new tackifier may be required. The system provides quicker and cheaper replacement with less room down time.  

Built in static control

Static electricity can cause unpleasant ‘jolts’ if not controlled. The Texture Care Range is permanently antistatic.

Colour not affected by bleach based cleaning products

The unique impervious backing allows for installation on floors up to 90% RH. Especially valuable on new build projects to save drying time and costly DPM applications. (When used with ege 90RH)

The confidence to specify with proven performance

Ege Texture Care combines stylish carpet designs with safety and high quality. The collection is pretreated with a special anti-bacterial technology that provides the carpets with a shield that makes it impossible for microorganisms (including bacteria) to live in the carpet. The technology is called ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology and is more than 20 years old. Texture Care Family carpets are waterproof and can withstand the use of powerful detergents and disinfectants.

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Texture Care Range by

Impervious carpets for the healthcare sector