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130kgs, 160kgs, 200kgs, 270kgs


Emergency stop and electric

emergency wind down

        Coloured Direction

      indicators on hoist unit match

   hand control to ensure correct

 operation first time

Neat in track


     IP 67 rated

Fire retardant cover completely

encapsulates hoist

The all new Transactive Xtra, a product of world class design and state of the art features providing safe, reliable and effective hoisting for carers and users alike. Together with the extensive range of track configurations, the Transactive Xtra can provide the perfect solution to your hoisting requirements.

Slimline and with great lifting capacity

Low profile hoist unit is unobtrusive and

provides greater lifting height

All lifting and traversing operations have

soft start/stop to ensure smooth

transfers for the user

A host of safety features

Smooth running tape with large

lifting range

State of the art display with lift counter

Slimline low profile padded carry bar has six

sling loop attachment points as standard

(four hook as option) different width carry

bars available

Ergonomically designed handset with hold to run

Clearly  marked   buttons  and   directional arrows

requires minimum pressure to operate. Pneumatically

controlled, it is therefore safe for use in wet conditions

A: Structural Attachment Point

B: Threaded Rod

C: Track Bracket

D: Track

E: Traversing Beam (‘H’


F: Charging Dock

G: ‘H’ system

H: Ceiling Hoist Unit

I: Carry Bar

J: Lifting Tape

K: Sling

L: Transition Gate

M: Curved Track

N: Modified Door Header

Easy to install whole

    room cover

        H system

Easy to install whole

room cover

H systems

Electric and manually

   operated turntables

Option for


     curtained cubicles

Slim line wall

   support option

Track and bends

Transition gate H system

to straight track transfer

Heavy duty free

standing gantry

Wall brackets

Max Safe working load: 130kgs, 160kgs, 200kgs, 270kgs.

Approx number of lifts before recharge:

With 85 kg load Approx 65

Charging time: 8hours max

Unit weight inc batteries:


Drive: 10.4kgs

Lifting speed:

Loaded 0.15m/s; Unloaded 0.25m/s

Batteries: 2 x 12v 5amp

Battery protection: Sleep Mode

Voltage 24VDC

Transformer : IP 67 rated

30V AC output

230V AC input


The Freeway TransactiveXtra is manufactured in the UK to meet and

exceed all relevant design, safety and quality standards.

(excludes batteries)

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