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People in our care want to retain a normal sense of modesty. They, like us  feel embarrassment, and  therefore we should make every effort to provide them with as much dignity as possible. That’s why we have come up with a decorative, practical and economical solution for this constant problem.

Yet another RRS simple solution....

Waterproof or vinyl upholstery is only part of the solution to the problem of ‘Smelly Chairs’. Urine can  leak into chairs through seams and collect in those difficult areas. Even with open sided chairs the problem still exists, as well as the additional problem of leakage onto the carpet (unless of course you  already use our best selling Wacmat )!

Unlike other products designed for the same task, the Sit-Dry  has the important advantage of having the appearance of a normal comfortable welcoming chair cushion. Its purpose is therefore concealed,  giving residents some well deserved dignity and pride.

 Our unique Sit-Dry   gives maximum protection — this is down to the three layer component system:

A waterproof casing to ensure that liquids cannot escape onto the chairs The outer cover provides an attractive homely appearance Inside, the super absorbent pad




Fabrics & Style…

 Plain — No trim, but sewn around the edge for a neater appearance

 Oxford — A flat trim mitred in the corners

 Frilled — A double ironed short frill

All the elements of the cushions are Flame retardant to crib 5 standards and are machine washable.

Available in all these lovely colourways.

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