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Highland 116 Navy

Highland 208 Fern

Highland 231 Olive

Highland 644 Cerise

Highland 129 Ocean

Highland 412 Purple

Highland 226 Lime

Highland 624 Mulberry

Highland 402 Orange

Highland 905 Dove

Highland 642 Thistle

Highland 405 Crimson

Highland 201 Jade

Highland 817 Chestnut

Highland 841 Biscotti

Highland 836 Sand

Highland 807 Mushroom

Highland 805 Cream

Highland 911 Steel

Highland 903 Charcoal

Highland 823 Chablis

Highland 321 Wheat

Highland has a range of 15 colours ranging from vivid blues, greens and reds to relaxing neutrals which would compliment any interior scheme. It’s textured design lends a sense of luxury and chic to any healthcare environment.

Texture adds interest but healthcare professionals know well the difficulties of cleaning coarsely textured upholsteries which absorb stains. By contrast, Panaz Highland has a subtle texture designed to achieve the desired effect whilst still being practical, easily cleanable and hard working.

Waterproof Upholstery

Highland 313 Azure

Highland 134 Sky

Highland 703 Mink

All the waterproof fabrics below are Crib 5 and conform to the latest British Standards. All are specially created for both healthcare and hospitality environments, and are stain resistant, robust and easily to clean, and do not support antibacterial and anti-fungal growths.

Waterproof Upholstery Fabrics Highland Waterproof Upholstery Fabrics RomanCart: View Cart
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